How it Works

Coming as a Google Chrome extension, it tracks the current Airdrops and notifies a user about them. With this powerful crypto instrument at your disposal, you won't miss an airdrop being able to participate in each and every campaign.

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It runs on the background

BlockTool is one of the most convenient options for traders and holders: once installed in your browser, it will be working non-stop on the background.

Automatic settings

You don't have to manage multiple settings and spend your time seeding out great ICOs and IEOs BlockTool will find them and display notifications when Airdrops are discovered. It's easy and efficient.

Get fresh info

BlockTool connects with the most well-established ICOs portals and provides up-to-date information about airdrops once it appears in the Net.

BlockTool App

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Start getting new tokens right now! Download the BlockTool app for your Chrome browser, activate it, and wait for the notifications. No need to spend your time: connecting with major ICO catalogues the app will surf the Net searching decent airdrops without your assistance. Collecting a diverse crypto portfolio has never been so easy!

Download the BlockTool new app, and get the tokens now.